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Johann von Schwarz

The firm Johann von Schwarz ( Nürnberg 1802- 1885 Nürnberg ) was founded about 1859 in Nürnberg as a Specksteingasbrenner factory
1876 started with Terrakottawaren
1870 and onwards Marjolika and Kunstfayencen
The firm had 150 workers . After the dead of Johann in 1855 the sons( Benedict 1827-1895 and Ludwig 1828-1912 ) took the factory in there hands.
1895 the two sons of Benedict became co-owners ( George 1852-1906 and Benno 1861-1920 ) The first Jugendstil product where made in 1897.
The firm top designer from 1896 until 1906 was Carl Sigmund Luber who made beautiful plates and vases .
The closing date of the factory was1921